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Shadow (2013) Songs Download

Venky - Shadow (2013) Telugu Movie Audio CD Cover Posters Wallpapers AtoZmp3

Shadow (2013) Movie Audio CD Rips Free Download

Cast & Crew :: Venkatesh, Tapasee Pannu, Madhurima, Srikanth
Music :: Thaman SS
Lyrics :: Viswa, Bhaskara Batla, Chandrabose, Rama Jogayya Sastry
Director :: Meher Ramesh
Producer :: Paruchuri Kiriti
Cassettes & CD’s On :: T Series
Ripper :: tEam AtoZmp3

-= TrackList =-

01 – Shadow – Baba Sehgal, Naveen
02 – Gola Gola – Ramya, Vandana, Hema Chandra
03 – Pilla Manchi Bando Bastu – Suchitra, Hema Chandra
04 – Naughty Girl – Simha, Geetha Madhuri
05 – Aythalaka – Rahul, Ranjeet, Hari Charan
06 – Revenge Of Shadow – Instrumental

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01 – Shadow – Baba Sehgal, Naveen
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02 – Gola Gola – Ramya, Vandana, Hema Chandra
Download Link – 320KBPS : [ShareBe] OR [Zippy]
Download Link – 128KBPS : [ShareBe] OR [Zippy]

03 – Pilla Manchi Bando Bastu – Suchitra, Hema Chandra
Download Link – 320KBPS : [ShareBe] OR [Zippy]
Download Link – 128KBPS : [ShareBe] OR [Zippy]

04 – Naughty Girl – Simha, Geetha Madhuri
Download Link – 320KBPS : [ShareBe] OR [Zippy]
Download Link – 128KBPS : [ShareBe] OR [Zippy]

05 – Aythalaka – Rahul, Ranjeet, Hari Charan
Download Link – 320KBPS : [ShareBe] OR [Zippy]
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06 – Revenge Of Shadow – Instrumental
Download Link – 320KBPS : [ShareBe] OR [Zippy]
Download Link – 128KBPS : [ShareBe] OR [Zippy]

Sincere Note to Downloaders : If You Have Money, Please buy Original Mp3 CDs in stores.

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160 Responses

  1. I’m the first. Songs are good.

  2. Dowloding

  3. songs are good………….rating:::5 / 4

  4. super songs

  5. Sooo nice

  6. thaman has done good job

  7. Not bad ok-)

  8. Thanks to atoz

  9. 3 songs gud

  10. ..xcellent songss…..thman rckdd…item song superbb

  11. Very Good Songs…

  12. shadow titile song super thaman music is very nice

  13. Good songs,except 1or 2songs all others are good.overall rating 3.75/5

  14. good songs

  15. rating :3.95

    congrats to thaman as well as chandrabose

    good songs

  16. Thank u 2 atoz mp3

  17. average songs

  18. Good songs..
    very nice……

    Thank u to a to z mp3

  19. songs parladu banay unnaie all the best venketesh garu srikanth garu lovely tapsi madam

  20. Super songs verry good songs

  21. V V songs. Venky rocks again.

  22. first song is by baba segal and navven but u people written naveen pls rectify it

  23. Shadow songs very good thaman fantastic music

  24. thank u all friends …atoz mp3 net

  25. Very nice n fantastics n super duper songs.

  26. shadow first song super ……….thanks all thaman

  27. good songs

  28. Music is really very great thaman

  29. I am heart fully telling that atoz mp3 is d best site 4 muzic.
    Thaman has done routine job bt quite difrt muzic. Sngs r very listenful.
    Baadsha vs shadow! Mania confirm….kv 4m vjwda

  30. Nic muzic. I love 1nd 3rd songs….they r very attractive. Am njying…
    Nd am w8ng 4 baadsha sngs first on “atoz mp3″…..kv 4m vjwda

  31. Songs super vunay. Title song and gabbar singh song keka

  32. Shadow Title Song Bagundhi, Naughty Girl Ok. Other Songs Nachaledhu

  33. artist names are currepted

  34. Shodow and noughty girl songs super…..

    ATOZMP3 ur fantastic man .you r very fast..
    keep going… u r number one telugu mp3 website with providing best quality music..

  35. Not So Good!! Routine Rekula Sounds!!Thaman Should learn Somenthing From DSP!! Venky got guts thats why he is Experimenting With Meher and Thaman!!

  36. rectifyed shadow song singed by babaseghal thanku

  37. audio kev keka victry fans

  38. ” Naughty ” Is Superb……

  39. ” Naughty ” Song Is Superb……

  40. po ra pichanayala…. Anni songs superb… naughty Girl tooo good with different music….

  41. venky……………………..

    Toooo rokzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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  44. avg. songs

  45. very good
    thanking you downloading songs

  46. Superb songs. Title song is excellent:)

  47. Superb music thaman.songs is keka

  48. super album cover and once again THAMAN S.S superb music

  49. songs parli ………..

  50. Superb songssss

  51. songs kevvu keka love u venki

  52. bad songs

  53. very good title song

  54. ok paravaledu

  55. Gola gola song kev kekka

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  57. not listen

  58. plese inform audions

  59. super songs ss thaman rockkkkkkk music

  60. ala download cheyalo teliyadu thokalo songs

  61. didnot listen

  62. songs bagundhi taman is raising with big hitz now adays.. good luck venki and taman

  63. venky dont choose thamman again

  64. S s thaman songs west… Anuøop rubens songs best


  66. i lke this songs. all the best of shadow.

  67. bagane unayi

  68. SHADOW oooooosum rapchik sngs again frm SS THAMAN keep rockin anna hope BAADSHAH wil hav most rockin sngs ever in industry … espclly SIMBU’s song ….waitin

  69. Songs r nt downloading maan….
    Fix it bloody sendspace

  70. anta gopagga em levu. 3rd song chetta. Mitavi paravala. Na email id songs updates ravatledu. Check it.

  71. nice songs super

  72. supar dupar hit my best frend venky

  73. keka venky i lov u super hit ilov u ilov u venky

  74. inka songs vinaledu vinnaka cheptha le

  75. Naku song’s bagunnayi kani music ye nacha ledhu endukante oka song ki rondu song’s music bagundi verey antha waste naku thamman music nachadu ade bad boy’s songs and music vinandi entha super ga vunnayo that is devi sri prasad

  76. Ippude download start chesanu

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  78. title song is super then all songs.

  79. Songs baagunnai

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  82. songs is rock

  83. title song keaka and all songs bagunai thanks thaman for giving aesome music

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  87. Songs are nice,good

  88. 4 songs r gud nyc music thaman…..

  89. Very nice song

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  92. songs superr rocking

  93. Songs are goooooooooood!! Venky All The Best!!! Rocking Stills!!!

  94. songs are superb

  95. balevu songs…

  96. Anthalevu waste songs

  97. super songs….
    Thaman rocks….

    but baadshah out

  98. Super songs ya

  99. Parledu..2songs r fentastic.overall not bad

  100. superb songs

  101. prathi film okelaga kodthav ….waste music

  102. waste fellow thaman all songs are waste anni cinemallo same music

  103. badashah songs also bad same music

  104. awsome…1 st three songs rokzzzzzzz…

  105. simply awsome..

  106. superb songs

  107. shadow songs nice taman thank u very much

  108. venky rockzzz

  109. thaman u r great 1st movie to all movies same music but producers r taken u
    thats great. industry bad luck. Audions bad luck

  110. nice
    catching songss….

  111. shadow movie 100% satisfy for all peoples very very super action victory venkatesh definely silver jubilee

  112. really stylish and high acceptation…………………………………

  113. ramesh sir dont make this movie like ntrs shakthi……//////”””';;;;;;;

  114. venky is nice but “PRABHAS” is awsome.venky songs are superb but “PRABHAS”songs rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  115. super audio

  116. average thats better not bad

  117. tammann is coping every tune and no one is understanding it.how sad it is????????????????????????????

  118. this cinema break records

  119. songs superb

  120. song really rocking

  121. thaman …pleaase ……….change the music aanni cinemallo same music

  122. paravaledu

  123. victory venkatesh style keka

  124. songs r excelnt

  125. Venky Annaya rocks

  126. manish said the real truth.thaman wastefellow..vadini industry tega mosestundi.may be freega movie ki songs istunnademo. kadupu ragilipotundi songs vinta unte. kothadanam emi undadu.dirty pig.f

  127. these are naughty naughty songs
    let’s rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    no compramise.

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  135. waste songs same music try new music

  136. super songs..taman sir meru great..naughty naughty song super vundi

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