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Racha (2012)

Racha - CD Cover - Front

Racha (2012) Movie Audio CD Rips Free Download

Cast & Crew :: Ram Charan Teja & Tamanna
Music :: Mani Sharma
Director :: Sampath Nandi
Producer :: R B Choudary
Cassettes & CD’s On :: Aditya Music
Ripper :: tEam AtoZmp3

-= TrackList =-

01 – Racha – Deepu & Chorus
02 – Vaana Vaana (Remix) – Rahul Nambiar, Chaitra
03 – Dillaku Dillaku – Tippu, Geetha Madhuri
04 – Oka Padam – Hemachandra, Malavika
05 – Singareniundhi- Sukhvindar Singh, Sahiti

Click Below To Download All Songs [320KBPS] [44 MB]

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Click Below To Download All Songs [128KBPS] [23 MB]
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Click Below To Download Individual Songs

01 – Racha – Deepu & Chorus
Download Link – 320KBPS : [SendSp] OR [RapidSh]
Download Link – 128KBPS : [SendSp] OR [RapidSh]

02 – Vaana Vaana (Remix) – Rahul Nambiar, Chaitra
Download Link – 320KBPS : [SendSp] OR [RapidSh]
Download Link – 128KBPS : [SendSp] OR [RapidSh]

03 – Dillaku Dillaku – Tippu, Geetha Madhuri
Download Link – 320KBPS : [SendSp] OR [RapidSh]
Download Link – 128KBPS : [SendSp] OR [RapidSh]

04 – Oka Padam – Hemachandra, Malavika
Download Link – 320KBPS : [SendSp] OR [RapidSh]
Download Link – 128KBPS : [SendSp] OR [RapidSh]

05 – Singareniundhi- Sukhvindar Singh, Sahiti
Download Link – 320KBPS : [SendSp] OR [RapidSh]
Download Link – 128KBPS : [SendSp] OR [RapidSh]

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390 Responses

  1. >none of d song z gud except title song. n dat
    too entertains only mega fans.. most irritated
    album.. sorry cherry fans..

  2. >Songs excellent

  3. >Super songs…..super hit….

  4. >AtoZmp3 Rockssssss . thanksssss

  5. >Superb.. atoz

  6. >Racha (2012) Movie ACD Rips 320kbps 128kbps flac Free Download

  7. >again disappoint album from manisharma,only title is good but that is only for fans remaining are not good

  8. >a to z mp3 is super

  9. >Superb songs atoz mp3 site keka

  10. >still its in process of downloading..so i will tell later

  11. >still its in process of downloading..so i will tell later

  12. >still its in process of downloading..so i will tell later

  13. >extadnary songs real racha song is racha

  14. >racha song is racha conraglation manisharma and megapower star

  15. >superb songs

  16. >vadi moham chusthe koja ni chusthunatu vundi inka vadi songs vinte chavadame taruvayi

  17. >MANISHARMA is back with a BIG HIT


    Songs KEKA


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    songs excellent

  19. >songs excellent

  20. >wow amazing songs……………..
    gaurentee super hit…

  21. >keka…………

  22. >are jaffa ga nee meesalu leni face ki racha title enduku ra?rochu ani pettuko baguntundi.chakka mokam nuvvu neekenduku ra cinimalu? Apey.

  23. >complete audio review at our blog btmp3.blogspot.com.
    mean while my altime favt. website z atozmp3.in..
    quality z d only factor dat mean to dis site..
    d best ever..

  24. >manisharma is out standing music director kiran

  25. >racha songs r excellent.the songr r keka.the audio will become very sucessfull.the movie will beahatrichit.

  26. >Worst albummmmmmmmmmmmmm

  27. >just avg album

  28. >1.ok
    totally an avg album from manisharma veedu eppatiki baga isthado manchi album

  29. >except racha title song all are nt good first disappointment album from charan for his fans

  30. >Racha Racha

  31. >1st on net ….Racha songs

  32. >not gud

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  34. >waste songs

  35. >only title song and atozmp3 is awesome

  36. >Em songs.. Abbo… Drink chesi vinte…thagindi motham digudhi… But atoz mp3.org is very nice net

  37. >Thappukondiro…….magadheera vasthunadu.. I love orange songs and movie thats only one ur filim gud..

  38. >baboooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo arupulu……thanks fr atoz mp3 siteeeeeeeeeee

  39. >one more hit album for mega family

  40. >super album songs keka

  41. >super album songs keka

  42. >Superb album… Expecting superb dance from cherry….. Dillaku and singarenundi are excellent mass appealing… Title song rockzz as it is known before…

  43. >racha rache…cherry rockssss…..

    nagnedra..Mega fan

  44. >songs racha rache..keka..umma

  45. >keka keka songs

  46. >cheeta songs

  47. >Hai friends racha songs super… Cherry agarin rocks with racha so all the best to racha team

  48. >Racha songs is super….
    Mani nice music in racha..

  49. >not gud i give 2 stars

  50. >not gud songs i give 1star

  51. >superb excellent ramcharan rockz again

  52. >all songs super

  53. >all songs super

  54. >all songs super

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  56. >racha songs pitcha la vunnai, title edho parledhu and remix lo elanti theda ledhu kabati bagundhi … migilinavi chetthe

  57. >not satisfied to the extent ……dissapointed with the songs exept the title song

  58. >Super songs…..super hit….

  59. >Super songs…..super hit….

  60. >downloading…..
    thanks for faaaaastest upload

  61. >waste songs really time waste intha chetta songs ipati varaku raledu im the of ram charan tej

  62. >before commenting listen to songs….

    Racha title track lyrics have been changed…

    Songs are good…

  63. >excellent songs mani dummu lepav

  64. >naw racha after ucha

  65. >this songs r supper thanks to a to z mp3

  66. >songs of racha r supper thanks to ATOZ MP3

  67. >not nice…….

  68. >excellent songs

  69. >Mazeed.Mee nanna congress lo kalisadu nevu rochu lo kalusu.mazeed

  70. >two songs only good… remaining all are avg

  71. >Chirutha:-expectation

  72. >chettha songs chirutha avg and arenge plop and racha attar plop. songs are like don sinu




    songs real racha song is racha

    very good songs

  75. >songs real racha song is racha

  76. >Old songs rt music

  77. >excellent

  78. >racha racheee…….mega family always rockzzzz…superb songs..listened in audio function..and my downloading is in process…

  79. >title song is nice.mani fails 2 give good songs

  80. >1 hr ayina avaledhu audio launch ayi, apude me site lo AtoZ team keka


    Comgrts by MANI sharma…sir

  82. >Superb

  83. >thokkala vunnai songs….title song okkate bagundi…. Ayina vadu hero enti ra babu

  84. >good songs cherry rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  85. >not looking better just below average.manisharma is out of coverage area

  86. >nice flick

  87. >Rachhooo Racha superb songs .vaana vaana remix is too rocking.all the best mani sharma and wishing atoz mp3 site to get many downloads.ThanQ

  88. >super songs kirak

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  90. >racha chethha songs,bachha ayyadu charan

  91. >Title song super. other songs waste. bad luck for mega fans. all the best for movie.

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  94. >superb songs racha rocks

  95. >good …………………..
    a good hit by manisharma….
    racha song was super

  96. >songs is excellent . . . It is the biggest sensational hit of the year for charan

  97. >ramana876@gmail.com the songs are excellent again its rocking love u manisharma…… songs are really rocking & title song is extremely hilight…….

  98. >Worst songs from manisharma….

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  101. >Racha na lucha na

  102. >title track..rockzzzz….


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  105. >one song good one is ok remeinig all is flop songs expecelly vana vana utter flop finalli racha audio flop

  106. >A 2 Z SIMPLY SUPERB,sngs avg,,,

  107. >audio is really rockzzz….kekaaaa audio

  108. >songs are really rockzzz racha racha e…..

  109. >boss already the function is little dull due to absence of power star and also all songs didnt reach minimum expectations… nly two songs will be hummy further while listening but rest all(title sng too) gets bored very soon….

  110. >gud songs but not much gud gest average except titel song

  111. >racha songs is ok not super

  112. >racha songs is ok not super

  113. >Anonymous bhadkav lanjodaka patalu bagaleva ,savadenguta lnjodaka.
    Sngs keka mani sharma keeptp

  114. >Two songs were good !

  115. >not so good…

  116. >btmp3 try other f*** songs

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  122. >waste songs from manisharma

  123. >Waste audio. .

  124. >Super songs…..super hit….yar………..,

  125. >songs keka
    album art dissapoint

  126. >the first ever worst musical album to charan
    highly disappointing audio
    from manisharma

  127. >again disappoint album from manisharma,only title is good but that is only for fans remaining are not good

  128. >super ..good songs.

  129. >super ..good songs.

  130. >Racha Song is Racha..and other two songs are very nice..remaining ok..Totally very nice album from Manisharma after a long time

  131. >notgood notbad its ok too.its take long time to touch a heart.know days what happen to mani sir plz recharge. Best of luck to entier racha crew.

  132. >notgood notbad its ok too.its take long time to touch a heart.know days what happen to mani sir plz recharge. Best of luck to entier racha crew.

  133. >Racha mp3
    Bejjanki Bhupathi

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  136. >get lost !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  138. >Racha mp3
    Bejjanki Bhupathi

  139. >not perfectly done by mani sharma,c what happen movie releses…..sry to cherry fans

  140. >ex lent and marvelous sons

  141. >Good songs

  142. >not bad

  143. >These songs only for mass peoples…

  144. >Only.for.mass peoples…

  145. >decade best songs

  146. >superzzzzzzz
    raccha also raccha

  147. >racHA ALSO RACHA

  148. >good music


  150. >Bejjanki Bhupathi Racha songs

  151. >Bejjanki Bhupathi Racha songs super my rebel fans

  152. >Chata ga vunnaie

  153. >Very good site to download latest songs.

  154. >Bejjanki Bhupathi ram charan tej dance super super songs……,………..

  155. >Bejjanki bhupathi racha songs cherry dance super

  156. >superb songs

  157. >Mani sharma prove himself. he is back with racha.
    ram charan rockzzz………!

  158. >Ripped very Well..
    Thanks for sharing..

  159. >Rachcha rachche superb songs…

  160. >only mega fans album not for music lovers.none of the song is good except remake song

  161. >Not able to compare Orange songs,but its feel good ……

    MY MOBILE NO. IS 08871914451

  163. >except the title song not even one song is good.. manisharma dissapointed us,, sorry cherry fans

  164. >waste songs

  165. >superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr racha rache


  167. >racha all songs racha racha congrts to megha power star

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  169. >Racha Songs is not bad. and title songs is best.

  170. >thokkalo songs

  171. >Bejjanki Bhupathi ram charan tej dance super songs……,.)

  172. >Bejjanki Bhupathi

  173. >waste songs…….?
    sorry am not trying to hrt the cherry fans bt its true

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  175. >supper songs………….

  176. >Bejjanki Bhupathi

  177. >Bhupathi

  178. >Super songs racha

  179. >Super songs racha …….sup hit mov

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  181. >This site is not working for mediafire i think and we want to do racha racha for this site

  182. >so far

  183. >the songs was mind blowing…….super songs

  184. >eppudu realise ina songslo the best…thanks atoz mp3 net

  185. >Racha song su racha racha

  186. >Again mani gave bad music

  187. >charan is looking awesome nd the title sng is just rocking

  188. >songs superb…." manisharma is mass bramha from now anwrds..not melody bramha…." said by director sampath nandi…., is exactly correct….

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  190. >good songs

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  192. >nice songs frm mani…..

  193. >okappudu stars anedhi vallu chesina filmsni, hitsni base chesi ichevaru.. ippudu vachina ventane stars anta.. sigguledhu vesukovadaniki..

  194. >first 2 songs are remaining all songs are like fuckin….., mani get lost and give all ur projects to devi sri prasad

  195. >awesome none of can beat mani sharma sir u alwas rokz……………sir

  196. >thu………………. evekuda songs a na
    dwnload chesthe money waste

    na no. 9876543210

  197. >daridragottu paatalu..

  198. >not gOOooOd i have expeted more

  199. >chettala unnai.ayina zoo ninchi thappinchukunni vacchetatlu unde vadu hero enti

  200. >Enti ra mee lolli.. Songs Ucha.. Filim bacha..Thamana acha… Cherry lacha.. Totalga filim Ucho ucho ucha..
    Porilaku mogudu Varun.

  201. >worst songssssssssssssssssssssssssss…..

  202. >ucche…. uuchha…


  204. >2 songs are good Oka padam and title song

  205. >vaana vaana velluvayee charan gadi pellam lechi poyeee…:-(

  206. >allmost wast songs in telugu ind

  207. >waste songs really bad

  208. >tokkalo songs. adhinayakudu songs best

  209. >nyc title song nd oka paadham

  210. >nyc title song nd oka paadham

  211. >Yuck the songs are bad.Another flop for this stupid.

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  214. >keka songs

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  216. >i am expecting is give a good suggestion film for youth

  217. >Manisharma please give good songs

  218. >Mani sharma not good songs

  219. >songs chala dull ga unnay. Not a gud album one of the best and waste album in 2012.

  220. >title song keka but remaining songs are dispointed totally above average……………..

  221. >title song is keka but remaing songs are totally dispointed totally album is above average

  222. >title song keka but remaining songs are dispointed totally above average……………..

  223. >title song keka but remaining songs are dispointed totally above average……………..

  224. >superrrrrrrrrrrrrr, ram charan racha rache.

  225. >just good

  226. >Rocking Music……………

  227. >first listen to songs, all are mass beats super…….

  228. >Very Good to hear from Rama Charan once again.

  229. >boss A to Z , hw much time taken to download?

  230. >Aha, aami Raccha ra…, ucchhlu po… potandadi…
    Ado bacca, adi luccha…. andariki uccha… pichhi.. uduku.. uchhale uchhalu…
    NO comparision…



  232. >Woooooooooooow vry hit cinema song……i like song thanQ……

  233. >Woooooooooooow vry hit cinema………..lovely song I like……….thanQ

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  235. >Woooooooooooow I like lovely song……….

  236. >not bad vana vana remix…..

  237. >not bad ok

  238. >Vaana Vaana (Remix) is worst song… old is good :(

  239. >racha songs racha racha…………


  241. >sampath nandhi is native place odela di:karimnagar,
    jai telagana super hit movie.

  242. >pedda yaripuka patanu nasanam chesina chinna yaripuka

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  248. >unable to download songs from website.

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  250. >waste che

  251. >All songs r simply superb……..

  252. >Good songs manisharma music rocking all the best manisharma new music directors la chettha tunes compose cheyoddu.

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  254. >not good songs

  255. >plz upload lovely songs

  256. >Chekka la unnai

  257. >parvaledu orange tho compare chesthe kuncham down ga anipisthundi, i hope ala ala click avuthayi

  258. >SUPER

  259. >i m just downloaded i listen afterward's i tell…….

  260. >Waste songs except title song and this is worst music by mani

  261. >Waste songs except title song and waste music by manisharma

  262. >Very bad songs .. only title song is somewhat OK .. Movie is flop no doubt !

  263. >kevvvvvvvvvvu full maas soooongs

  264. >toooo gooooood

  265. >Not bad.average songs.

  266. >songs are super enjoy it

  267. >Antha baguntaya vedi songs antha ga padi chastunnaru antha kuda.

  268. >sanjay @ super


  270. >Songs vintunte thala baruvekki headache vasthunantundi. lyrics chendalamga vunnai… tuning ok ok.. I will rate 3/10.

    Please don't download.. Buy original CDs

  271. >except title song all songs are worstttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  272. >not so good fans ni mind lo petukuni compose ayayi not good for others mana telugu cinemas epudu marathayo telugu cinema ante oka star koduku oka heroin songs roda fights reality undadu toka undadu anduke oka national award kuda pekalekapotunaru waste fellows

  273. >ne bonda neeku rct ni comment chese anta seen evadichadu.gottamgadivi

  274. >all songs r good except that remix song

  275. >bokkaloo songs..thokaloo cinema..tanx manisharma..for making dis cinema utter flop…hehe ..catch n jump…chakravarthi

  276. >Movie is going 2 be falp

  277. >cherry anta naa bondegadu ok cherry ne vadi songs anta baguntai kani vadi cinemalle utter flaps

  278. >excellent,super,marvious,nice songssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

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  289. >waste songs entha chetta songs appudu vinaledu

  290. >vadu hero enti ra babu… 6 times surgery chinchukunti gani chudaleka poinaru miru ela chustunnaru…. ra …. thu mi batuku

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  292. >is very super

  293. >songs super.

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  295. >Avg…..

  296. >not good songs mani……..
    try to do new

  297. >flop songs flop movie.. vana vana song is wrst its lyk street song yaak, old one only better… rachha puchhaaa…

  298. >RA m CHA ran ONLY RACHA RANCH FOR CINEWOOD A SUPERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr song from mani sharma

  299. >best waste..

  300. >excellent songs superbbb composition

  301. >no coments

  302. >100%SUPER RACHA


  304. >i love dis site alott … i prefer every frnd of mine to download from dis.. thnx AtoZ
    — nidhi

  305. >inthakana paniki malina patlalu inka ravu…………………….

  306. >Pichakuntla lanje koduku cinima fail utter flop

  307. >mega family superbb highest fan folliwing..superbb songs ..waste jr.ntr… -potti salle..

  308. >arai aa first comment send chesindi evado gani vadu dorikithe ……………………

  309. >songs r ok. But hope film is good

  310. >Good songs all the Best of Ram for RACHA it will be go for 100 Day

    S A Engineering works (I) Pvt Ltd

  311. >RACHA IS One Of the Good Filem Good songs

  312. >pichaaa la rachaa niku enduku ra cinemalu waste naaa dashhh gandu poyi pallilu ammuko badkov

  313. >gud……songs

  314. >Songs of racha sucksss……………..

  315. >very very poor album. Except the Bappilahiri's copy song "vaana vaana velluvaye…" all others are worst songs. Poor show by Manisharma. He is almost out of industry with this album.

  316. >racha songs are super

  317. >ill tell u frankly songs are verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry good but for only charan fans, 4 me …..dnt waste ur time

  318. >im fan of chiru///mani ki kottadam raledu…tittle song OK….
    vaaana vaana old song paruv tesadu manisharma…devisriki istey picha kottudu kottevaadadu………. :( mvi kachitanga hit avtundi songs avg ga unnay kabatti :)

  319. >very disappointed….
    never expected these kind of songs from manisharma :(
    chirutha songs were excellent..
    this album couldn't create much impression on first hearing

  320. >racha songs racha racha super

  321. >average

  322. >veary gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooosongs

  323. >racha songs are good not bad but charan facee chustuntene chiraku vastundi

  324. >very good songs………………………………….

  325. >except title song………..all d songs r boring

  326. >SUPER HIT

  327. >one song remix remain songs beats are copy it is not so good

  328. >superb

  329. >super……… super……… songs………….

  330. >namodda laa gunnai songs

  331. >not that much gud when compared to charan previous movies.hope atleast movie gets good response.all da best charan.

  332. >always racha………..this is the best album for pop favours

  333. >very very good

  334. >Racha racha songs kevvu keka jai mega family jai pavan kalyan no doubt charan Is going 2 rock in racha movie maro magadheera

  335. >ok… ok.. good

  336. >AVRG SONGS.. . . . .RAMMY

  337. >good songs
    best of luck to ram charn teja

  338. >1 song is gud……
    megatavi worst……..!

  339. >iam expecting something special but no racha disappointment only title song for fans….

  340. >all songs are excellent….
    This is the biggest hit of 2012

  341. >thu chetha songs deeni kante dammu nayam vaana vaana ntha bagundedho ikkada kooni ipoindhi

  342. >very boring songs
    bad time for mega fans
    very sorry

  343. >Again mani gave bad music, very bad very sad, bad time for mega fans

  344. >awesome

  345. >piece of shit.. expect copied one remaining are bullshit

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  371. >veedi pilla 0.5 dailogue delivery ne radu pottinayala…veediki veedi babai ki eka movies anavasaram

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    mass move good work charan

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