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Ishq (2012)

ishq - cd cover front

Ishq (2012) Movie Audio CD Rips Free Download

Cast & Crew :: Nithin,Nithya Menon
Music :: Anup Rubens,Aravindh – Shankar
Director :: Vikram Kumar
Producer :: M Vikram Goud
Cassettes & CD’s On :: Aditya Music
Ripper :: tEam AtoZmp3

-= TrackList =-

01 – Lachchamma – Anup,Nithin,Thagubothu Rahesh,Murali
02 – Oh Priya Priya – Adnan Sami,Nithya Menon
03 – Sutiga Choodaku – Hariharan,Saindhavi
04 – Chinnadana Neekosam – Raj Hasan,Anup,Sravani
05 – Edho Edho – Pradeep Vijay,Kalyani Nair
06 – Lachhamma (Rubens Club Mix) – Anup,Nithin,Thagubothu Rahesh,Murali

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01 – Lachchamma – Anup,Nithin,Thagubothu Rahesh,Murali
Download Link – 320KBPS : [SendSp] OR [RapidSh]
Download Link – 128KBPS : [SendSp] OR [RapidSh]
02 – Oh Priya Priya – Adnan Sami,Nithya Menon
Download Link – 320KBPS : [SendSp] OR [RapidSh]
Download Link – 128KBPS : [SendSp] OR [RapidSh]
03 – Sutiga Choodaku – Hariharan,Saindhavi
Download Link – 320KBPS : [SendSp] OR [RapidSh]
Download Link – 128KBPS : [SendSp] OR [RapidSh]
04 – Chinnadana Neekosam – Raj Hasan,Anup,Sravani
Download Link – 320KBPS : [SendSp] OR [RapidSh]
Download Link – 128KBPS : [SendSp] OR [RapidSh]
05 – Edho Edho – Pradeep Vijay,Kalyani Nair
Download Link – 320KBPS : [SendSp] OR [RapidSh]
Download Link – 128KBPS : [SendSp] OR [RapidSh]
06 – Lachhamma (Rubens Club Mix) – Anup,Nithin,Thagubothu Rahesh,Murali
Download Link – 320KBPS : [SendSp] OR [RapidSh]
Download Link – 128KBPS : [SendSp] OR [RapidSh]

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173 Responses

  1. >very very good album.
    nice music with good lyrics.
    And good recording
    after soo many days i enjoyed good music

    Thank u

    Anoop and Nithin

  2. >Songs very good

  3. >It worths ur download.. Nice songs

  4. >super songs.. Block buster audio of 2012

  5. >good songs chala rojula tharuvatha manchi music vachindi regular dappulla kakunda…

  6. >nice songs

  7. >Excellent songs . Anup rubens is one of the most talented music directors.

  8. >Super super songs

  9. >Anoop, good luck
    You have the talent, keep up the good work
    Find good lyrics before taking projects, you will definitely shine

  10. >Lachamma söng super.hit

  11. >good songs

  12. >very very nice music with good lyrics.
    after soo many days he is comeback with good songs

    Thank u


  13. >kekaaaaaaaaaaaa

  14. >Superbbbbbbbbbbbbbb…………..

  15. >nyccc sngsssssssss

  16. >yeh kali kali song by anoop rubens its rocking

  17. >suparo….. supuru

  18. >i love all songs

  19. >superb song..oh priya priya..and even song by nithin..

  20. >nice songs

  21. >awesome…….

  22. >outstanding audio….especially oh priya priya!!!!

  23. >lachamma song lo thagubothu ramesh voice and song muric beet is nice…

  24. >ILOVE A TO Z

  25. >Really excellent songs, i enjoy the songs very well……. awesome songs.

  26. >after so many days nitin was rocking super hit its totaly different music said by uppal suresh yadav

  27. >Thanks macha

  28. >lachamma song is excellent

  29. >super songs

  30. >nice…nice attempt by nithin…nice song by adnan sami…

  31. >Awesome songs enjoyed a lot.

  32. >good music

  33. >awesome anup nitin looking awesome i love u nithaya

  34. >nice music composed by rubens…….

  35. >West music

  36. >hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  37. >songs are very nice and at present these r d only songs we can listen

  38. >superb music

  39. >Good songs

  40. >NICE

  41. >NICE

  42. >anup you have the talent,exxplore it.nice and very good

  43. >anup you have the talent explore it.this is simple and good nice music

  44. >o priya priya awesome ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  45. >o priya priya awesome…………..

  46. >nice to hear these songs after a long tym !!! super music

  47. >album of the year 2012………….cool music……….movie also excellent……….watch out……….

  48. >eragatisindu babuuuu

  49. >Nice songs…

  50. >Anup came up with some awesome songs!! Its been 2 days now that Im still listneing to Chinnadaana Neekosam!!! Oh Priyaa Priyaa!!!

  51. >I love tis songs…

  52. >Audio super hittttttttt….

  53. >such a romantic audio

  54. >film also superb
    i lov to watch the film again


  56. >superb music and composition is very excellent anoop did good job

  57. >I Love To Watch The Film Again.
    love u nithin… god with you. enjoy.
    - Ajay Reddy.

  58. >nice music with good lyrics congradulations evryone thanx for the lovely songs…………

  59. >Anoop superb songs…. Its time is yours just rooock on……

  60. >Nice songs and nice movie….

  61. >rachaaaa lo rachaaaaaaa songs ishq raa

  62. >super songs keka keka

  63. >good music & gud film toooooooooooo…………

  64. >nani keep adnansami as regular singer in your batch you will be rock

  65. >Anup u rokcz man………….such a nice music…………..

  66. >keeeeeeeraaaaaaa QQQQQQQQ……
    Al d best 2 Nithin nd Anup

  67. >Songs are awesome and the Movie is also doing Great..
    Have watched the Movie its gud..
    Sutiga Chudaku Video is just Kiraakk…

    Congrats Nitin and Anoop for gud success..

    Adithya Vj


  69. >awesome movie.. <3<3<3'ed it.. n songs jus WOW..!! jus loved d movie n songs !! aftr longg time such a nice movie i saw.. :P ;) <3

  70. >nice songz…

  71. >nice

  72. >Superbbbb music,al songs are awesome….

  73. >beautiful songs after a long period….

  74. >I liked Chinnadana Neekosam Song alot good music by Anup…

  75. >super songs

  76. >songs super hit also movie super hit

  77. >superb music…….nithya and nithin looks nice

  78. >fantastic…….no more words to say about this album…….

  79. >Good music. Expecially priya o priya.

  80. >super love story songs are very nicespecially priya o priya because i am priya

  81. >this is jaan, i like the song oh priya priya

  82. >very………………….. nice songs

  83. >awesome songs……..

  84. >songs are very nice excellent

  85. >nice songs

  86. >its so sweet

  87. >so romantic songs…….

  88. >good music sitiga chudaku song nice

  89. >Excellent lyrics….

  90. >i most like opriya

  91. >Oh priya priya song is excellent

  92. >nice songs and movie was also doing great. its really kekaaaaaaaaaaaa. congrats anoop, nithin, and nitya was cute.
    by, srujana

  93. >sutigaa chuudaku song and video awesome, mindblowing, tempting. chustunteney mind blank ayindi. Great. Superb picturisation. Keep it up.

  94. >super audio album and cinemaa….kekaa….
    congrats to nithin,nithya and anoop,p.c.sri ram….

  95. >Lovely picturisation.. all songs are awesome! Nitin & Nithya are too good! The movie is great and songs keka!

  96. >Very nice songs awesome


  98. >superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

  99. >chinnadana neekosam is excellent

  100. >xcellent movie n songs just superb and heart touching

  101. >all of the sngs r kevvvvvvvv kekaaaaaaaaaaaa

  102. >very nice

  103. >niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccce

  104. >Good music

  105. >chinadana nekosam song superbbbbbbbbbbbbb

  106. >priya priya rocking

  107. >superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb song record

  108. >very superb songs……………………..

  109. >wow they were rocking………………….



  112. >very vewry nice songs ……………

  113. >nice songs i like it

  114. >super enjoy this songs

  115. >once upon a time & oh priya…… priya…..

  116. >okkkkkkkkkkkkk

  117. >great tunes,refreshing

  118. >awesome songss

  119. >sutiga chudaku …heart ku guchesindi i love dat song kirak

  120. >nice songs good music.after along time nice hit for nitin

  121. >keeevuuuu…. keka vunnai mama songs

  122. >super duper hit songs

  123. >superb beat laura

  124. >superb beat

  125. >o priya priya oh my dear priyaa waah waah!!!!!! chinnadhana nekosam ahaaaaaaaa awesome………ishq rocks ……

  126. >superb songs

  127. >nice songs in this film …..

  128. >sutiga chudaku…..vry nyc

  129. >sutiga chudaku…..its vry nice…hearts swngs hrng tht sng…

  130. >Super songs i love them

  131. >really supurb songs,cinema and everything is so excellent inc.photography………..awesome movie n rocking performance by nitin,nitya n ajay

  132. >superb songs…………. nithin

  133. >after long time, nice to listen good songs with meaningful lyrics.
    nitin, please go head with these kind of movies, please dont try to be an action hero.
    if u want some hit movies, this is the way u need to go. remember.

  134. vrey dirty songs i don’t like even one song also

  135. very nice songs

  136. Adnan Sami’s beautiful voice and the rest of the songs are also dashing.
    THANK U !

  137. nice songs and superb lyrics in sutiga chaduku gud luck anoop

  138. i like ishq move songs sply oh priya priya thats me only

  139. ishq movie and songs super nitin tiger

  140. I luv divya and nithya

  141. I love ishq flim Hindi and telagu

  142. Oh piya and chinadana

  143. Kathilanti songs with beautiful heroin

  144. i love ishq movie

  145. so nice beautiful thankyou

  146. I love ishq Movie the all the songs and the actress Nithya Menon and the actor Nitin too

  147. Ishqsongsdownload

  148. i like all songs

  149. superb songs luv this sngs

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