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Endukante Premanta (2012)

Endukante Premanta (2012) Movie Audio CD Rips Free Download

Cast & Crew :: Ram,Tamanna
Music :: GV Prakash Kumar
Director :: A.Karunakaran
Producer :: Sravanthi Ravikishore
Cassettes & CD’s On :: Aditya Music
Ripper :: tEam AtoZmp3

-= TrackList =-

01 – Chill Out – Vijay Prakash,Andrea,Bigg Nikk,Maya
02 – Nee Choopule – Haricharan,Chitra
03 – Kicko Gicko – Rahul Nambiar,Krish,Ranina Reddy,Maya
04 – Cinderella – Rahul Nambiar,Megha
05 – Yegiri Pove – Hemachandra,Chinmayi

Click Below To Download All Songs [320KBPS] [50 MB]

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Click Below To Download All Songs [128KBPS] [23 MB]

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Click Below To Download Individual Songs

01 – Chill Out – Vijay Prakash,Andrea,Bigg Nikk,Maya
Download Link – 320KBPS : [SendSp] OR [RapidSh]
Download Link – 128KBPS : [SendSp] OR [RapidSh]

02 – Nee Choopule – Haricharan,Chitra
Download Link – 320KBPS : [SendSp] OR [RapidSh]
Download Link – 128KBPS : [SendSp] OR [RapidSh]

03 – Kicko Gicko – Rahul Nambiar,Krish,Ranina Reddy,Maya
Download Link – 320KBPS : [SendSp] OR [RapidSh]
Download Link – 128KBPS : [SendSp] OR [RapidSh]

04 – Cinderella – Rahul Nambiar,Megha
Download Link – 320KBPS : [SendSp] OR [RapidSh]
Download Link – 128KBPS : [SendSp] OR [RapidSh]

05 – Yegiri Pove – Hemachandra,Chinmayi
Download Link – 320KBPS : [SendSp] OR [RapidSh]
Download Link – 128KBPS : [SendSp] OR [RapidSh]

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137 Responses


  2. super songs

  3. ne choopule song super……..

  4. it’s good

  5. 2 songs ok


  7. free download endukante premanta

  8. very nice

  9. Chill out is super

  10. very good

  11. songs are vry vry vry niceeeeeeeeeeeeeee…………….

  12. nice songs

  13. total songs r good
    but ne choopule song super…

  14. all are nice

  15. Gooooooooooooood songs


  17. very goooood songs

  18. emo inka neni vinala ippude download chesthunna …………

  19. Awesome

  20. superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  21. all songs are very good.especially the music and meaning of the lyrics is very nice……..

  22. nice songs

  23. v v very goood songs

  24. songs also kevvu…. dance also keka

  25. songs r super ram dance mind bloing

  26. suppppper songs excellent dance

  27. what happen to dis site..is there any changes made..songs r not showing individually..and menu view is also different..not looking lyk before.

  28. cooooooooooooooooooool like me guys……………………………………..!

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  30. very nice to give this

  31. I am very happy to visiting this site

  32. super movie this movie fans are adhrus super ram
    i want to talk with

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  34. i love priyanka

  35. very nice songs by gv prakash, one more audio hit to gv,,congrats

  36. sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good

  37. this songs r so nice

  38. songs nani racha super keka Abba sing songs kanta bagunai

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  40. supar

  41. very nice songs

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  43. its goodsongs its rockkyyyyyyyyy movie of the year

  44. very very good

  45. Hai sandhya how r u?

  46. super hit 100 days pakka

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  51. songs super

  52. songs are good, nice, cool, melodeous, and the movie will be rockzzz… ram garu we are waiting for your endukante premanta with full excitement , this movie also create a big image for you ram garu

  53. Super songs expecially nee chupule song is superb and nice cool songs

  54. ram songs super hits

  55. super good songs milky thamana and milky ram
    the super good director karunakaran combination loveable
    movie plz go and watch theaters only kill piarcy

  56. Nice song’s and this film is creating new records of love story films tholiprema and endukante premanta

  57. Nice songs and film kuda big hit avthundi l hope tholiprema anta hit kavali

  58. Nice songs and film kuda big hit avthundi l hope pawan kalyans big hit tholiprema and ram big hit kavali endukante premanta

  59. Chala bagundi naku baga nacchindi ,,,,cinema chusaka inka nacchudi
    edi mana “GABBARSING” Laga Big hit audi Its confirm

  60. movie so good nd ram dance was soooooooooooooo good it was block buster movie of 2012

  61. Not soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  62. kya songs hai

  63. super duper

  64. songs are amazing but film is somewhat confusing

  65. Inka vinaledu chudam yala vuntayo?

  66. super hit songs

  67. good movie

  68. Nice songssssssss

  69. Woowwww superb music

  70. this movie is very beautiful family entertainment and full comedy i am full happy.

  71. upload last song

  72. Superrrrrrrrrrr

  73. superrrrrrrrrr

  74. songs are good………………………

  75. i love ram i will be the luckest girl if i meet ram

  76. I am ram’s biggest fan i will be the luckest girl if i meet ram :-) B-) :-D ;-)

  77. Songs are amazing

  78. very nice n rocky………………………………….

  79. nice n superb

  80. hai swpna i love u

  81. ha it’s very excellent songs………….really kekaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa………>>>>>>.superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  82. it’s very nice and heart touching movie.

    Ram action superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  83. ne chupuli song excellent

  84. ne chupuli song superrrrrrrrr


  86. just love hariharan’s voice….its simply superb…it adds life to any song he sings…
    till nw i thought only mr. sirivennala seetharama shastry can write such beutifful songs…bt frankly ur awesome..

  87. MR.RAMA JOGAYYA SHASTRY ur awesome,….just loved the song “nee chupule”

  88. awsome songs

  89. nee choopule song remarkable awesome mind blowing.

  90. Nee Choopule song simply superb.

  91. yegiri pove is a modification of Harris Jayaraj’s ”Nanne Nanne”(Ennai Konjam) in Gharshana(Kakka Kakka in Tamil)

  92. Nee chupule song marvales……

  93. Nee chupula is a lovable nd feelable song i like this somuch

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