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Businessman (2012) Songs Download

BusinessMan- CD Cover - Front

Business man (2012) Movie Audio CD Rip Free Download

Cast & Crew :: Mahesh Babu & Kajal Agarwal
Music :: Thaman S
Director :: Puri Jaganadh
Producer :: R R Venkat
Cassettes & CD’s On :: Aditya Music
Ripper :: tEam AtoZmp3

-= TrackList =-

01 – Aamchi Mumbai – Ranjith, Rahul Nambiar, Naveen, Aalap Raju
02 – Sir Osthara – Suchitra, Thaman. S
03 – Pilla Chao – Rahul Nambiar
04 – Chandamama Navve – Haricharan
05 – Bad Boyz – Priya Himesh, Geetha Madhuri
06 – Businessman (Theme) – Mahesh Babu, Puri Jagannadh

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01 – Aamchi Mumbai – Ranjith, Rahul Nambiar, Naveen, Aalap Raju
Download Link – 320KBPS : [SendSp] OR [RapidSh]
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02 – Sir Osthara – Suchitra, Thaman. S
Download Link – 320KBPS : [SendSp] OR [RapidSh]
Download Link – 128KBPS : [SendSp] OR [RapidSh]

03 – Pilla Chao – Rahul Nambiar
Download Link – 320KBPS : [SendSp] OR [RapidSh]
Download Link – 128KBPS : [SendSp] OR [RapidSh]

04 – Chandamama Navve – Haricharan
Download Link – 320KBPS : [SendSp] OR [RapidSh]
Download Link – 128KBPS : [SendSp] OR [RapidSh]

05 – Bad Boyz – Priya Himesh, Geetha Madhuri
Download Link – 320KBPS : [SendSp] OR [RapidSh]
Download Link – 128KBPS : [SendSp] OR [RapidSh]

06 – Businessman (Theme) – Mahesh Babu, Puri Jagannadh
Download Link – 320KBPS : [SendSp] OR [RapidSh]
Download Link – 128KBPS : [SendSp] OR [RapidSh]

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174 Responses

  1. >It`s nice and rocking

  2. >thaman has been creating a block buster music in tollywood movies. he is currently a big business man in tollywood. and this music album is seem to us like an album of pokiri. so this one will also will get the response like pokiri.

  3. >its a gud movi

  4. >please original songs not cd rips

  5. >super songs

  6. >parvaledhu songs cinema ela cinema untundho mari

  7. >parvaledhu

  8. >already vinatte unnai …. Thaman can u do something new…

  9. >Keka………. Sir Osthara,Bad Boyz songs

  10. >Sir ostara song was fantastic

  11. >"Sir ostara"song was fantastick

  12. >songs are simply superb

  13. >dookudu hit,the business man going to hit

  14. >which business man?

  15. >Songs are rocking..

  16. >no clarity in voice.no use by thaman how cannot give memorable songs.but better music than dookudu.no clarity in instrument music also.need to be improved more and more..and stop killing natural voice given to the singers.let them sing with their own voice so lyrics will be more clear.

  17. >Superb songs

  18. >megaupload,mediafire,sendspace and fileserve sites are blocked……….
    you can download businessman songs from rapidshare link.

  19. >sreenu

    super hit

  20. >hai
    it is soo super it is 2nd song

  21. >mind blowing songs taman you are bang on again.

  22. >Good,Super,Excellent,Marvelous,The Best,Mind Blowing,Awesome…..Rockzzzzzzzzzzzz…..

  23. >super songs

  24. >Clarity missing in Thaman songs… repeated beats..

    Ex:Bad BOys song achu Allari pidugu lo Diki Diki d deki song la undhi and kalyanram kathi movi lo natukodi kura song la undhi waste thaman…

    Ex2: Pilla Chao, edhi maleswari movie lo chayli soku laytha chiguraku palukaymo kastha karuku, kavikaludasu nanukoku anay song la undhi waste thaman manisharma ki evalsindhi r devi. Sir Vastara song matram bharundhi rest of them clarity missing in songs…..

  25. >Mahi kharagpur. supr sngs and them

  26. >Mahi -kharagpur. all sng are nice and theme was awesme that mahesh babu and puri singd.

  27. >song not that much of good its average.

  28. >Innovative music,enjoyable and applaudable

  29. >just OK

  30. >bad boyzz song n sir osthara songs are awesome..

  31. >Super songs. Super music, super super,

  32. >Super music,songs.singging

  33. >not that gud

  34. >chetta la unnai.. i donno why puri is giving opportunity to this taman. devi sri, mani sharma and harris can give far better songs…

  35. >super music

  36. >Sir othara song keka….
    Adhe top songavuthadhi

  37. >Kirak songs he
    enjoy the songs every one……

  38. >businessman songs is so good .and big hit in 2012

  39. >not bad

  40. >simply superb

  41. >repeaded music

  42. >sir osthara song is good

  43. >all songs were superbbbb!!!!

  44. >kottina dabba enni sarlu kodatharu. sir vaste song okati parvaledu

  45. >Sir vastara is gud, remaining all keeps low…thaman should review back his tunes…

  46. >good film

  47. >good film

  48. >average songs

  49. >it will gonna be a gud movie

  50. >Awesome music bt thaman

  51. >gud songs

  52. >paravaladu

  53. >paravaledu

  54. >songs r gud bt not upto xpectations

  55. >thaman has been rocking tollywood with his music

  56. >songs without values

  57. >there is no clarity in songs..

  58. >nice songs

  59. >sir ostara is so nice

  60. >sir ostara song is song

  61. >simply superb songs

  62. >sir osthara song adhirindi


  64. >hello srinu

  65. >simply super songs

  66. >nothing special

  67. >songs.keka..specially..sir osthaara…

  68. >very goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood songs

  69. >except 2 songs all are not impressive.next mahesh should take care

  70. >Hey Taman sir,
    meeru koncham kottaga try chaiyandi .. already mee songs almost all similar beats tho unnai..so try with new instruments ..

  71. >thaman ur a rocking man

  72. >rocking songs simply superb prince rockzzzzzzzzzzzz………………………

  73. >songs kevu keka superhit songs

  74. >sir ostara is a nice song


  76. >awesom songs

  77. >it would be sensational

  78. >dirty song /; bad boyz

  79. >lovely songs…all the best for movie

  80. >Sir ostahara song is rocking , even for kids below 2 years are dancing, high light

    Srinivas Patnaik

  81. >superb songs

  82. >nice songs

  83. >sir vasthara is good and other songs r copy songs

  84. >very nice songs

  85. >wat happening?? LOL

  86. >I love Mahesh Babu,


  88. >dat was avg

  89. >movie superb

  90. >supper songs……

  91. >Excellent movie

  92. >Excellent movie

  93. >orey jaffa repeated songs kakunda konchem kottaga try cheyara

  94. >nice songs

  95. >chao pila song very horrible…….

  96. >sir vastra song is ultimate
    even my 5yr son also singing is fan of "DUKUDU BUSINESSMAN"

  97. >awesome

  98. >Goooodddddddddd

  99. >Veryyy goodd………..

  100. >all songs are kathi

  101. >supppppppppppppper what a songggggggggggggs!

  102. >Waste songs……

  103. >clarity of voice missing in the songs. ashok. Hyderabad

  104. >only 2 songs are good.

  105. >sir ostara song good

  106. >sir ostara is good

  107. >sir ostara song super

  108. >buisiness man movie telugu industry mothanni utc……….ha poyinchadaniki vachindhi

  109. >songs super

  110. >na moddalanti movie

  111. >very gud songs


  113. >Super cite edhe.

  114. >Goodcite thanks.

  115. >Waste Movie

  116. >Waste Movie

  117. >frank ga cheppali antey songs lo freshness ledhu.. though better than dookudu…

  118. >bad boyz rockz..

  119. >Sir osthara is the only song nice in this movie.

  120. >Mga lanti

  121. >anni sodi senceless songs ah….. sir ostara nly musicl track bagundi lirical ga ..!..

  122. >sir osthara song is nice

  123. >sir osthara sing is very nice

  124. >sir osthara song is really very nice……..superb song………..

  125. >great sngs………………

  126. >songs are dubbed by english movie

  127. >thooooooooo…………….waste movie

  128. >NITIN A. ALLI.
    Hi, sir This movie is so good, this movie in the song very very good…. Cont…… Sir.

  129. >mahesh amaydzing actor chala superbga cheysadu songs excellent rocking prince

  130. >nice song a big fan of this song..

  131. >Plz your mobail nombar

  132. >so good

  133. >so good

  134. >prashanth Bidar
    i likes thaman's & yuvan shankar raja's, very nice music directors.

  135. >Mahesh No.1 in telugu industry, mahesh acting in business man so nice, songs so good

  136. >thaman sir, it was really a fantabulous music. i really lve sir osthara n pilla chav songs. coming 2 da movie- puri sir direction n dialogues katthi, dialogues ki nenu fidha, especially last msg giving dialogues….i just lve dis movie

  137. >mahesh was beautiful and he is sooooo handsome of all heroes and the movie was too gud,sir osthara song was my favourite song.

  138. >all are galliz. movie is very bad bodyguard is bumper

  139. >its rocking

  140. >siva_ Mahesh No.1 in telugu industry, mahesh acting in business man so nice, songs so good

  141. >Songs are awesome especially "sir osthara" song is superb

  142. >thnx for the link i'm searching for dis for along time

  143. >chatha movie bodyguard awesome. buissines man gadidha cinema.

  144. >sooper

  145. >dokku

  146. >nice songs

  147. >very nice m.shashank

  148. >it's assum

  149. >it is a very good cienims

  150. >chinni u don't have taste.

  151. song not downloading. Please chek. Just dilse songs thappa em kuda download kavatlevu why

  152. Sala galu mooda chikadanki sites pattar ra downdling aiyta ladu

  153. Supar hit songs . Myind bloing.that’s prince.

  154. with out makeup is like 60years and we cant see he is like ,,,,,,,,,,,.?!

  155. climax dialogues really inspiring

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